Tiger at Kabini.

Forest officials have reported a wild tiger in the fringes of Bannerghatta National Park in the south of Bangalore. This is barely 10km away from city. [source]

This is a great sign for the conservation effort, but as the IBNlive article states, is worrying considering the growth rate of IT city! Currently enough prey is available in the area to sustain the tiger, but I with an ever encroaching human population it raises questions over the animals and humans safety...  Lets all remember, we are invading HIS/HER territory, and not the other way around.

From the same source, it is suggested the tiger came from either the the Cauvery wildlife sanctuary or the BR Hills Tiger Reserve.

It makes me want to grab my gear and get out there, but in such an uncertain and now publicised situation, I would recommend for everyone to refrain from harassing the tiger in question.


Direct quotes from Deccan Herald

[A forest department official on condition of anonymity said: “Though there were sightings and evidence of presence of tigers inside BNP, we were keeping quite because we did not want to hit the panic button. News has spread after direct sighting. 

“We have been struggling for many years to protect the existing 270-sq km forest patch free from encroachment. We also deal with farmers who bring the cattle inside for grazing and those who suffer crop damage because of elephants straying outside the forest patch. 

“Due to political pressure and lack of cooperation from other government departments, such as Public Works Department and Revenue Department, we are not able to create a buffer zone.”]

This sums up the problem. Sadly.

Bengaluru: July 4, 2015,DHNS:

["A tiger from the wild was spotted inside the Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) safari area at Mulegundekere (near animal rescue centre), on Saturday. 

The carnivore was sighted around 3.45 pm by BBP bus driver Satish and safari visitors in the vehicle. 

BBP Executive Director Range Gowda said that it was the first direct sighting in this area. 
“The presence of a tiger from the wild in the Park can now be confirmed. Camera traps are being installed near the spot to get more details. The bus and jeep drivers have been told to be careful,” a BBP official said. 

The information on the sighting has been given to the Zoo Authority of Karnataka, he added. The decision on capturing or allowing the tiger to roam free would be taken based on the data obtained from camera traps.

Sunil Pawar, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Bannerghatta National Park, told Deccan Herald that they had received information of a tiger moving  from Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary to BNP via Bilikerebetta
."] [Source : DH News Service]

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