Thankfully, I have never seen any real conflict, but I have seen many animals on the state highways around and running through national parks. in fact, often between early morning and evening safari's, i will just drive (slowly and carefully) along the surround public roads and have witnessed many animals. These encounters are common, and highlight the need for public awareness regarding animal safety. Not only for the animals, but also the idiot human who get out of their cars to take pictures, or the trucks that drive like mad!

The following were taken by me, on public roads. These roads are the main highways from Karnataka to its neighbouring states Kerala (through Nagarhole National Park) and Tamil Nadu (through Bandipur National Park). Thankfully the Karnataka government sees fit to close these roads at night to safeguard the animals and public.

Here is a video i shot on my iPhone in December 2014...  Sorry for the poor quality, i am not much of a videographer (yet).

Also, here are some record shots of other animals on main roads...  again, please look past the low quality of shot...  Driving safely, stopping to let the animals cross safely, grabbing camera, shooting through (dirty) glass, when the animals are darting across the road is going to take practice! I have seen many mongoose crossing, leopards and even dhole.

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