"I am a jack-of-all trades, master of some when it comes to photography. As long as you can use your camera to create your vision, all you need to do is find the stories worth telling. For me, this is not one sphere of the art, but almost all!"

About me!

I am a Scientist, Photographer, and a Papa, and not particularly in that order! I have a PhD in Biochemistry, but have always loved art. The combination of my inner geek and artist meant that I was naturally drawn to photography (which is composed of both factors in my opinion). Starting in 2009 with my first DSLR, I was living in Paris and took the streets, quickly developing a passion for street and candid photography. Loving travelling, and doing so as often as i could, meant I also developed into travel photography too.

However, my photography did not really come to fruition until September 2012, when I moved to Bangalore, India with my wife Jenifer. This opportunity allowed me to broaden my skills, particularly in wildlife and street photographer. It may sound like a strange mix, but in fact, they are extremely similar! Both require the conjunction of life in it's environment. Both require understanding your subject, and understanding what are the norms and what are exceptional events.

In 2015, our son Antoine was born, which has naturally lead into more and more baby photography too! surprising eh? ;)

Now, in 2016, I have returned to Paris, to continue my photographic journey!



Other milestones