I spent a year photographing exhibitions by young talented artists for the Alliance Française de Bangalore. It has finally come to fruition, and the book documenting this series is now in print! :)

At the moment, there is a limited prints; that will be sent to the main Alliance Française centres around the world, but thee should be a digital copy available soon from the AFB website...  I will keep you posted!

An exert from the book...

The “Young Talent Program” was born from a double awareness.

The first that there were only few spaces in the city that gave an opportunity to young budding artists to take their first steps, share their sensitivity and their world beyond their inner circle; and the second, evidently so, that the Alliances française across the world have the vocation to celebrate the richness and value of local cultures in which they are present.

Thus in April 2015 Alliance française de Bangalore initiated the “Young Talent Program” with the objective of providing a platform exclusively dedicated to young artists of our city not only to offer them visibility, and thus promoting and disseminating their work to the greatest number, but also to give them the opportunity of a first major encounter with the public.
Six young artists, selected by a trio of passionate jury members who came from different horizons yet with complimentary profiles, exhibited their works in our atrium between April 2015 and January 2016. Their common points: each of them was under 30 years of age, living and working in Bangalore since at least 2 years, never had a solo exhibition in the past, and each of them specifically possessed a talent that was just waiting to be revealed.
A profile from one of the artists!

A profile from one of the artists!

And it is not without a hint of satisfaction that this first cycle has seen these young people full of promise, thinkers of diverse aesthetic sensibility that is always deep and fair, young people who are the reflection of a local scene whose creativity and dynamism need no proof.
Today, and while the second cycle of this program that is currently underway and already had a resounding success with the public and the arts community, the Alliance française de Bangalore is pleased to present this photographic catalog with the register as well
as texts of the Jury. The objective of this catalog is to be able to travel and therefore to cross borders to take the work of these artists beyond the limits of our city, our state and beyond India. This is why we wished that the catalog which closes each cycle is translated largely in French in order to promote its circulation. It will be distributed not only in India through the national network of Alliances
française which now comprises of 13 centers (the youngest Alliance being Lucknow that was recently established) but also in France.
Alliance française de Bangalore contributes, through this program, to the knowledge and recognition of young artists of Bangalore, whose message transcends geographical, cultural and mental boundaries, and it is therefore necessary to listen.

- Mikael de la Fuente, Director


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