I have previously interviewed the brains behind JungleDragon, a FREE wildlife photography website that I personally enjoy. They are currently running a competition with $250 of prizes up for grabs! You should all check it out! It ends on 30th December 2015, so be quick about it! :) Good luck! Also, add a link to your profile in the comments bellow and I will check out your entries! :)

  • 100$ - Best wildlife photo award
  • 100$ - Species pioneer
  • 50$ - Community hero

How to enter:

1. If you are not yet a member of JungleDragon, create an account by joining here:

2. Confirm your participation in the contest by posting a reply to this thread: http://www.jungledragon.com/forum/5/contests/623/jungledragon_december_2015_contest_-_open_for_participation_now.html

3. Carefully read all the rules outlined in the thread.

4. Start contributing. Just use the "Upload" button in the global navigation bar. I suggest you also read how to properly share photos on JungleDragon here:

5. After your photo is uploaded, go into each photo and add meaningful context such as a title, description, tags, the location, and species, as explained in the "How to share photos" article. Failing to do so will mean your photo will be ignored, or you will have moderators all over you.

The great thing about JungleDragon is it is completely philanthropic, it does not generate money it is just for the community. As such, they make sure all your rights are maintained!

The copyright rules reflect this: "By contributing your photos to the contest, we do not claim any ownership of them. Your photos remain yours. You simply grant us the right to display them on this website, and sometimes JungleDragon's related channels (such as our Twitter account). Your name as copyright holder is always displayed as part of the photo being shown."

Good luck, and please follow me on JungleDragon if you join! :) It's free!


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