It's that time of the year where I take a look back, and think about what I have done this year, and look towards the next! 2015 has been an eventful and life changing year for me on a personal level. Here is a bit of a round up of my 2015 life!

I wish you all the best and have a very happy 2016! And remember, a click a day keeps the psychiatrist away! :)


I started my year off in Paris, and was there for the horrific Charlie Hebdo attacks. It is sad to think that this was not the worst the Paris had to endure this year. I also went back to the UK for a little bit to catch up with the folks.


Back in India and back into the wilds. Starting with a trip to Odisha and Bhitarkanika, and then later in the month I was asked by the French Consulate in Bangalore to accompany Prof. Gilles Boeuf, President of the French National Museum of Natural History, to Bandipur and Mudumalai National Parks. He is currently the science advisor on environment, biodiversity and climate for Ségolène Royal, The French Environment Minister. It was quite an honor! Also, during this month, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited my research lab.


March was another busy month, with trips to Kabini and Ranganthittu bird sanctuary. It was also the month of the Indian Holi celebrations.


Back to Kabini and Ranganthittu bird sanctuary again this month. It was also the month that i finally spotted a speckled cobra at work (that's my lab in the background). I started working with the Alliance Française in Bangalore on a year long program documenting exhibitions of young talented artists. This work is still going on, and will ultimately be compiled in a book.


May is launched...  that pretty much took up most of my month. Well that, and preparing for another new arrival due the next month! :)


My fist blog post goes up, and our son, Antoine is born, which you can imagine was amazing for us. It also made for an amazing photo story!




So, this was a busy month personally, with a young baby at home, we had little time to shower, let alone anything else. But it also meant I had a captive photographic subject. Priceless time. My baby photography side of the business starts! Only one quick trip this month to Mumbai in order to register his birth, and the rest of the month was home-orientated! Our lives have changed forever, and it was (and still is) amazing! :)


Back to the jungle, this time with little Antoine too! Kabini in the monsoon is always special! :) It was also the month I started my photography workshops, with some young and enthusiastic photographers!

I interviewed Dr Vicki Fishlock about her work on African Bush Elephants! AND Dr Andrew Broertjes, a historian about a potential "Digital Dark Age".


This month, we ventured into the hills of Chikmagalur and visited Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.

I interviewed Dr Shreejata Gupta about her work on gestural communication in bonnet macaques.


October saw the launch of my Wildlife Photography tours, starting in Ranganthittu bird sanctuary then heading onto Bandipur. Fantastic times!

I also interviewed Andries Alberts, who shares his amazing stories during his life as a wildlife warden in Namibia.


Another month and more travel! This time the historic ruined city of Hampi and the Daroji Bear Sanctuary. Fantastic places and trips!

National Geographic Explorer, Prasenjeet Yadav shares his advice on storytelling, and Ferdy Christant gives us an insight into the running of


It started off with chasing tigers in Bandhavgarh National Park, as part of my "from Start to Finish" series of posts. We also went on another jaunt in magical Kabini! Currently, as you read this, we are deep in the western ghats of northern Karnataka, enjoying the end of 2015! :)


Thanks so much for your support of my website. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have making it! See you all next year! :)


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