If you want to have great photos to share and cherish, the key is to move away from just 'clicking' images and to start 'capturing' and 'creating' them. But where is the line drawn, and at what point does an image start to become 'captured' and 'created' as compared to just 'clicked'? And, most importantly, how do we get to that point?

Clicking photos

Just pointing the camera, clicking and hoping your camera gets everything right to get a good image.

  • Everyone at the start

Capturing images

Use your camera settings to compose and capture a spontaneous moment in time in it's 'natural' environment.

  • Street
  • Wedding
  • Macro
  • Candid portraits
  • Wildlife
  • Landscape
  • Concert/events
  • Sports

Creating images

Manipulate the environmental conditions to create a preconceived or orchestrated image using your camera skills.

  • Studio portraits
  • Wedding
  • Macro
  • Wildlife
  • Landscapes
  • Sports
  • Abstract
  • Fashion

Some types of photography can be included into both capturing and creating, e.g. Landscapes. You can capture beautiful spontaneous landscapes using your skill-set when a striking vista takes you. You can also create a stunning landscape by pain-stackingly choosing the best location and time for your desired lighting (sunset/sunrise) and maybe using filters using filters too, to get the preconceived image. A good wildlife example of creating and image is Johan Georget's rhino).

How to Capture and Create?

In my opinion, great images are composed of two balancing factors: Creativity and Technique. The image needs to be both interesting (creativity) and beautiful (technique). Creativity can not be taught, but can be learnt, so expect to spend a long time developing that one yourself and through discussions with mentors/friends, but essentially it is very much a personal endeavour. The technique, however can be taught and basically boils down to learning how to use your photographic tools.

I will frequently be posting Quick-tips that will help you develop this side of the equation so that you can develop your technique on your own. But if you are interested in a more personalised approach, please contact me regarding my workshops.



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