It is that time of the year were I look back at everything I have achieved, and plan ahead for the next year.

2017 was a different year for me; alas I took fewer photos this year than any other since 2011. There are several reasons for this. This was the first full year I have been in Paris, and after leaving India. This meant I have had to re-establish the network of contacts I had in India. Another factor revolves around the fact that photography has never been my primary source of income, and I changed jobs in 2017, which has left less time for my photography. Now saying that 2017 was still filled with adventures and excitement.

  • We travelled to in 8 different countries; France, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Malta (and Gozo), Spain, Italy, and even as far as Texas in the USA for a weekend (yes, I spent as much time traveling as I did on the ground).
  • I created a learn section on my website, that has proven to be very popular, and have had close to 30,000 page views by 14,000 unique visitors.
  • I was a contributing photographer in a book published this year (the Vanishing Stripes) and my images were selected and exposed at the Festival International Nature, in Namur.
  • Gear wise, I sold my 5DIII, and bought a Sigma 50mm Art, and a Canon 24-70 f/4L IS. I also replaced my lighting gear that I sold when I left India.

Plans for 2018

I’m keeping it relatively simple; reestablish my photography in Europe, making time for both my personal and professional projects. 2018 will also see the arrival of our second child, so there will be less travel, but a lot more action!

I want to focus (pun intended) on the beauty that is around me everyday; my family, daily life in Paris, my life in general. Photography is a big part of me, and one that I want to cultivate more this year.

I hope you all had a great year and that the next will be truly excellent! :) Cheers!


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