I'm not too sure if this is a "challenge" as such, but I like the idea.

#‎challengeonnaturephotography is doing the rounds on Facebook. The short of it is that if you are nominated you have to share a nature pic every day for a week. And every day of that week, you get to nominate another to do likewise!

Many thanks to Dr Shreejata Gupta for nominating me for‪ #‎challengeonnaturephotography and to start with (1/7) here is a recent pic I like for the following reasons:
1) You don't see leopards stationary on the ground all that often.
2) Any question about their camouflage is dispelled.
2) It highlights the genuine problem we have while shooting wildlife, we have NO CONTROL over the sighting, lighting, placement of position of the subject. All we can do is make the best of any situation! :)
I would like to nominate Govind Naik to give this a try!

Day 1/7 - Sitting cat, hidden leopard.

This was taken last week in Kabini. Alarm calls were coming from two directions and eventually we saw a leopard cross directly in front of us. We moved on, only to return and see this second leopard sat in the bushes directly behind where we were originally placed.


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