Day 7/7 #‎challengeonnaturephotography‬. This is my final and one of my most unique images.

I have been a frequent visitor of Kabini, in Karnataka, which is famed for leopards up trees. However, for a long time, i was always missing out on this, 'only' seeing them grounded. So one trip, i was frantically scanning the trees for anything leopard shape to put an end to my poor luck, when I caught sight of something on a low branch. With excitement, the driver edged closed, only for both of us to both gape and look at each other in puzzlement. for what we thought was a leopard, was a Dhole (wild Indian dog) up a tree! :)

My final nominee is Vasilliy Bavro...  I am expecting a lot of interesting pics from this guy for his #‎challengeonnaturephotography


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