The point of having a interchangeable lens camera is the ability to adapt it to the exact situation you. Your camera can be a portrait beast, a wildlife monster or a street chameleon, just by changing the lenses. Previously I have talked about my wildlife kit, but here I am going to go through my choice for travel!

Before you pack for any trip, you have to consider the situation you will be in. Read this article for more help on this! For travel, I am looking for compact, light and versatile lenses. I don't want to be dragging round kit I won't use, especially if i will be on my feet all day! :)

A Camera : 5D MK III

I use a 5D MKIII, a profession full-frame DSLR, as it is a bit of jack-of-all trades in terms of its features, and is pretty darn good at most things.

A standard zoom : Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS lens

This is a great standard lens, with a lot of range. The IS is great for low shutter speeds, 24mm is wide, and 105mm is long enough for close portraits and even wildlife at times. It is weather sealed and built to work, so I don't worry about it while I am about! This is my "jack-of-all-trades" lens, and master of most! On it's own, it is sufficient as a travel kit in itself!

A ultra-wide angle : Canon 17-40mm f/4L

I love ultra-wide angles, especially for travel. 17mm is so wide, I can get everything in the frame even in very tight situations and 40mm is close enough to "normal" focal length that it works great. This is my 2nd travel lens most of the time, but if i know i will be going down narrow old streets, it sometimes jumps into my number 1 spot! This lens is also one of the best value canon L lenses out there. It is small, light and great image quality. This is my go-to city lens!

A fast prime : 50mm f/1.8

This is a cheap, but great value lens. It is very small, light and fast. In low light situations is does very well, and despite the focusing motor being very loud and slow, for the price, size and weight i think it is a great compromise. You will barely notice you have it in your bag! This is my evening/night time lens, and works very well indeed! :)

What's your travel kit? Leave a comment and let me know! :)



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