In extra time (it was 0:0 at full time), Portugal striker Eder hits home a magnificent goal in extra time, which result in them being the winners, and France settling for second place.

The France striker Antoine Griezmann was quoted by the BBC saying: "Football is cruel but it's also magnificent. It allows us to experience wonderful times and sad times too. We gave everything tonight, we have no regrets and I'm proud of everyone."

"Portugal are not only Ronaldo. They are very solid defensively and they scored without him." [BBC sports]

The atmosphere during this game was intoxicating. The French community singing and chanting until the bitter end. The national motto "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" (Liberty, equality, fraternity) being maintained, as the supports proudly clapped for their teams performance in the tournament.

Mr. Consul General, François Gautier, started the evening welcoming the supporters from both sides, and ended the evening with obvious disappointment.

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