This years winners of the coveted NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards have been announced and do not disappoint! If you are looking for inspiration, I suggest you check it out here!

What I find most revealing is when you look at the lenses used to take these images. In the adult category, all but 1 of the images were taken with either Ultra-wide, wide or normal focal lengths, and the 1 image that used a super-telephoto lens (Canon 200-400mm), used it at the widest end!

The current trend is to get close and wide!


Out of all the images, the seahorse taken by Justin Hoffman was the one I found the most compelling. It is a beautiful yet ugly image in one, that tells a strong, clear message. Click the image for more details.

If you really like the image and want to support Justin, you can buy prints of it from his website.

Which was your favourite and why? Leave a comment and let me know!


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