It's been a while since I've done one of these, so thought it was time to do one. Normally I would do this via a video, but I'm not doing that this time.

Aditya Dharne sent me this pic taken in Tadoba (TADOBA ANDHERI TIGER RESERVE). "We actually went on 31st dec 2016, that day we were lucky to tigress glimpse and after waiting for nearly an hour and a half she started coming head-on behind our gipsy but our luck didn't go well and because of overcrowding of gipsys she hidden in the bushes. But on our way back we saw a herd of Indian Gaur in the area of tigress and we interpreted that there would be kill next day. And next day we got news from photographer friends who went early morning that were correct and there's a kill. We went in the evening safari and we saw prey was lying there half eaten but we didn't find tigress in the nearby area. so, we decided to park our gypsy at some distance from prey and waited there for nearly 4hrs with the hope that tigress would come to kill again. and after a long wait we heard tigress calling her cubs and suddenly with her three cubs she appeared on kill. We got really good shots but unfortunately there was low light which can be seem clearly from image. I was very much happy at that moment."

It was an easy image to edit, this was 5 mins 'work'. The lighting was not great, but that is luck not you, and the exposure was very close to perfect so very well done.

Image is Copyright Aditya Dharne and used with permission.

Step 1 - Composition

Cropping. I don't like cropping, but it is sometimes necessary... This is a high-resolution image (6000x4000; 24mp) so can withstand some cropping. In this instance I cropped the image slightly to place the tigers closer tot the bottom left corner.  Generally it looks better if the subject is walking into the frame.

Step 2 - Global adjustments

Initially change the global settings of the image to get it as close to perfect as I can as a whole. In this case it was to try and bring back the details of the tigers in the shaded and suppress the strong light patches in the background, all whilst maintaining a natural look.

Step 3 - Local adjustments

I increased the green in the image to bring in some more colour tone, reduced the blacks and increased the contrast...  other than that i used the brush tool in lightroom to enhance the fur and eyes slightly. :)

The Final Image!

If you want me to process your image, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do! :)

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