You know where you are going and what you want to shoot, you’ve got all your gear ready and packed; now you have to actually get the shots! Here is a video of the shoot, and under that some tips for you to keep at hand to make sure you get as much as you can from a shoot!

If you have not read it already, I recommend you look through “My Logic Loop” post, which would also be useful!

Check out the following video on what I found upon arriving at the resort...  It was a fantastic welcome and great start to the shoot! :)

The 3-second rule!

For wildlife photography, being prepared is key, so you always need to have your camera ready for action, because if you don’t you will miss it. As a general rule, you must get the shot within 3 seconds, because after that the subject is very likely to move away…  and 3 seconds is being generous, sometimes it is less. I had less than 2 seconds to capture a tiger before it disappeared into the bamboo, and this was only possible because I was prepared.

  • Keep checking your camera settings to make sure they are optimal for the situation you are in…  if you are in the open, there would be more available light, so you could lower your ISO… If then you move into dense forest you will need to readjust accordingly…  this is a continual process.
  • Have your camera at hand. Many times shots are missed because the camera is in a bag, or elsewhere…  3 seconds is not long enough to take a camera out of its bag, so have it ready at hand.
  • You be ready. There is no point your camera being ready if you are not. Look around and think of composition, stay awake, and keep your eyes sharp! :)

Don’t for get your shot list!

You made a shot list, now you need to remember it. It is very easy to get caught in the moment and just keep firing off frames without thinking about them. It is VERY important to keep calm and keep your head. Don’t just look through your lens, look at the scene and ask yourself is there something different you can do! Maybe you could tick off a few of those shots you wanted! :)


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