We have the pictures, now we need to import them onto a computer, make sure they are safeguarded by backing them up and pick which ones we will edit! For more information on my complete back-up strategy, please check out this post! As always, any questions or comments, leave a message at the bottom!

Choosing the keepers

  • I start off with a very superficial overview. Usually I know the shots I will use as soon as I click them, but you never know until you are in front of the screen.
  • Composition – I am looking for the composition of the image, in particular aspects that are not good. Like chopping bits of the subject OUT of the scene (check out my post on where you can CROP some for portraits), or if there is ANYTHING that is really distracting in the image.
  • If I like the composition, then I look into the details… Is it sharp, is my focus correct. The EYES are particularly important if they are out of focus, no matter how good the image could be, it is dead in the water! :(
  • Once I have examined this, I star the images, selecting them for editing and move on. First I select then I edit!

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