If you have made the wise jump from JPG to RAW, you are now faced with the vast domain of post-processing. That is turning your RAW file into the image you want. The problem with teaching how to process you photos is that every one is different and your vision for what you want each one to be is yet again different. So there are no rules, just tools, and a lot of them! It is an area of the photography process that a lot of people struggle with.

So, I've decided the best way for me to show you how I process images is, for you to send over your RAW files and I will process them for you, editing them step by step on a video, so you can see exactly what I did, and why I did it!

I will also critique your image, giving feedback on how you could improve these types of images next time you have the chance!

So if you are looking for help and feedback, fill in the form below!

Remember, there are a lot of Lessons to be Learned from Post-Processing!


I will be processing the image how I see as being the best. It may or may not be to your or other peoples taste...  this is part of the problem of showing people how to edit. The point of this to share what I do, and you can use this to expand, manipulate, change your images into your own style as you see fit. :)

If you want me to process one of your images, fill in this form, with:

  1. A link to your RAW image (Dropbox etc...)
  2. Some details about the pic, where it was taken, why you took it etc...
  3. What kind of image were you trying to create?
  4. What you want to do with the image afterwards? Print? Facebook? Webpage?

...and I will get back to you soon! :)

Name *

By submitting your image you grant me permission to use it in an instructional video and use the image on my website for that purpose.


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