Tanjung Datu National Park is located in a peninsular in the far south-west tip of Malaysian Borneo, and is only 14 square kilometres, and not that easy to access either. However, a lot is packed into that tiny place, so combining the location, and setting, it was one of my favourite places in Sarawak!

The junlge runs right onto pristine beaches and crystal clear waters which are stunning in the day; and can hold secrets in the night...

Not easy to access means no other people...  ;)

It is a sanctuary for nesting Green Turtles; who come ashore at night in search of a good place to lay their eggs...

We were lucky enough to witness this, sitting with this turtle (at a distance so not to disturb) for hours while she covered her eggs.

It was a real highlight of our trip.

Other than the turtle, I had a great experience with a troop of Bornean gibbons, who would not let me take a picture of them in the dense canopy, but sang to me instead! I guess it would be more accurate to say sang about me, as I am pretty sure they were warning calls. Do correct me if I am wrong! :)


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