Shoot local

There is always wildlife around, you just have to find it, and if you can't take a good photo of a pigeon, then how are you meant to take a good photo of an eagle? ;)

I spent 4 years in India, where there was exotic wildlife everywhere...  from monkeys on the street, black kites circling above, snakes in the garden, birds everywhere and of course the rarely sightings in the close-by forests and jungles... Wildlife photography was easier as I had plenty of exciting opportunities on my own doorstep. Now I live in Paris, France, which is an amazing place to be but is not as prolific when it comes to wildlife sightings as compared to India. So for the first time in years, I am having to take my own advice and shoot locally.

So to this end, here are some of my local wildlife! :) It is particularly fun with all the ice about!


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