My first try at some time-lapse

I have never done a time-lapse before, so thought I should give it a go...  here are my first attempts put together in a small clip. :)

Take-away lessons

Like anything and everything I do, I try to asses it afterwards and learn from any mistakes. This was my first try at time lapse and I did not really know how it would turn out. Over-all I am pretty happy with it, but there are a couple of things I will do differently next time!

I. Intervals

I used a 30 second interval for the sunrises, which in hindsight is too long...  it happens way too quickly for that, so I think next time I might reduce it to 15 seconds.

II. Length

The clips are short, so next time I want to shoot for longer, starting earlier and finishing later. I was there for the main event, but I had no run-in or run-out in the clip.


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